The Pain-free Way To Established Up A Leopard Gecko Habitat

Congratulations, you’ve resolved to get a leopard gecko or otherwise recognized as a Leo, a person of the least difficult of all gecko species to maintain, not to mention a single of the most gorgeous.

But even while leopard’s have a very well-deserved standing for staying ‘easy’ you need to have to get your new pet off to a excellent start out with the correct leopard gecko habitat. The correct habitat will come to feel like household to your new pet enabling him to live a long, satisfied and healthful lifestyle.

And the greatest section is it’s not hard to set one particular up at all. Are you ready to established up your leopard gecko habitat?

The Housing

The fantastic leopard gecko habitat starts off with the aquarium. A solitary Leo will have to have an aquarium which is about 10 to twenty gallons. Now, a lot of people today are tempted to invest in aquariums that are way too massive or as well modest, to be leopard gecko habitats.

Even though the shortcomings of owning a too compact aquarium are obvious, the negatives of owning a significant aquarium are commonly not so obvious.

If the habitat is far too huge, then your gecko will not sense snug in it. In some cases, a single Leo in a really massive aquarium simply cannot come across their favourite basking and hiding spots. This will not only upset your gecko but the strain will ultimately make him rather ill.

Just try to remember when browsing for your great leopard gecko habitat, look for one that is among ten and 20 gallons that is far more prolonged than tall.
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Leo’s simply cannot climb glass, so a tall skinny aquarium offers them almost no room at all.


Now it is really time to converse about the flooring, or substrate, of your leopard gecko habitat. Like a hamster, leopard’s will need some sort of ‘stuff’ on the floor so they are not strolling on pure glass. This aids contain the waste and tends to make a leopard gecko additional cozy. (They despise going for walks on glass).

On the other hand, the flooring that performs for hamsters will not work for your leopard gecko habitat. Conventional hamster floorings like wooden chips/shavings/sawdust will really make a leopard gecko very unwell. Whilst some individuals use sand, it’s not likely to be proposed here thanks to the possibility of impaction. (Impaction signifies that a gecko eats it and it impairs their means for standard bowel actions.)

The best kind of flooring to use is synthetic turf made for geckos. Artificial turf makes no dust, and because it is non-abrasive, it is easy on a gecko’s sensitive skin.


Becoming reptiles, a gecko cannot control his possess temperature, so it is really significant to give a good heat leopard gecko habitat. The best temperature for this would be involving 80 to 85°. Also, inside every single leopard gecko habitat there requires to be a basking location.

This is a place the place the gecko goes when he would like to get genuinely warm. This basking location must have its individual individual heat source usually a gentle created for reptiles and is generally among 90°. At evening, Leo’s like it a little cooler, all around 70°. This can be attained by a mixture of warmth lights and underneath tank heaters.

Now, because it can be tricky to regularly control the mild/darkish cycle for your leopard gecko habitat, a timer is proposed so it will turn the light brighter and decreased at normal intervals. (That way you won’t have to stress about it.)

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