How to Use a Keyword Checker Tool

The keyword checker tool is absolutely important for the online marketer, whether they market affiliate marketer products or their own products.

Anybody can create a list of keywords around their own chosen subject; for example for a niche about cats, you may think of the using:

litter training cats
cat and kitten health
annual vaccinations intended for cats
how to train a kitty to use a cat flap
training your cat to use a litter tray
tips on how to stop your cat biting
the best nutrition for cats

I created that list in less time than it took me to type it out, but what I don’t know is whether they are the sort of long tail key phrases that other people will type in to a search engine; after all, they’re personal in my experience, so how do I find out?

Well, I actually typed “litter training cats” straight into my favourite keyword checker tool and I pleased to see that it attracts regarding 1000 searches a month. That is good for a beginner because more than five thousand searches and you’ll find that the competition can be huge.
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Not only did my tool show me that this was a worthwhile key word to target but it suggested a load even more too:

cat litter training
cat litter boxes ( I would not have thought of that one)
litter coaching kittens
and loads more

All these had between 1000 and 5000 average searches and that told me they were all worth following upward.

Now I needed to know exactly how a lot of competing pages were listed in Google. Google appears to give you this information in case you put your search term in rates but actually their numbers are actually inaccurate. However , the keyword band tool that I use does give you this information. Most of them don’t but my own does which is really cool.

All I did so was type in “litter training cats” (without the quotes) and I can see exactly how many pages listed by Google were targeting this specific keyphrase in order to attract traffic to the website. It’s just like magic.

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