Hair Rebonding Cruelty

Thought of as the most detrimental of all hair therapies, re-bonding is the title given to a method by which chemical bonds in hair are broken. These are then rearranged and bonded again. It offers long term success and employs hugely powerful chemicals that are really unsafe for delicate hair strands.

How it works

For the duration of the therapy of re-bonding, a lotion is utilized that can help perm hair. It also softens them and breaks down their bonds. Right after that, hair is rinsed off completely. An electrically powered styling unit is employed to straighten hair with a rod. Last but not least, a neutralizer is applied which aids stabilize hair and reset damaged bonds yet again.

The disadvantages of this system are:

Hair loss

Immediately after hair is taken care of through re-bonding, the hair shaft gets to be weaker and easily breakable. These are chemically dealt with which would make them reduce power and adaptability. So, the final consequence is almost nothing but hair loss. It can’t be undone since re-bonding is irreversible.


Largely as a consequence of working with lotions for hair straightening, there is a sever brittleness that would make it difficult to regulate and design and style. The tenacity of hair is fully lost. While it provides softer hair but it employs remarkably harmful substances that are much too dangerous to be employed.


Re-bonding demands improved soon after-care once hair is taken care of with this cruel course of action. You normally have to rush to your hair stylist to manage the issue for you. This implies another treatment method extra products further programs of lotions, styling gels, spray or dyes and so forth. These are all not so welcoming, particularly, when utilised heavily. As the saying goes, “surplus of anything is poor”. This is specifically real of hair therapies.

Taken care of hair have to have frequent touch-ups as perfectly as blow dry. Absolutely everyone is knowledgeable of the fact that extreme heat is detrimental to fragile hair shaft. The far more it is blow dried the bigger is the level of problems. Here is more regarding rebonding look at our web site.
People who don’t want their hair handled to be this ruthless way are unable to get absent with all these hazardous controlling tactics. There is no alternate. You have to get hair managed and styled the dangerous way.

Another problem for these kinds of hair is connected to conditioning.

Freshly grown hair

A dilemma of re-bonding is when new hairs are grown, these are not straight. You have to get the cure for those hairs all over again. So, the cycle goes on and the hurt improves following each and every session.

Diseased hair

Under no circumstances consider of finding any hair treatment in circumstance of a disease of scalp, a fungal an infection or other difficulties. It will bring about the health issues to a greater extent.

A alternative

For individuals who are however dying to get straight hair, should really use a easy good good quality straightening system before heading to a special bash. It is on temporary foundation and does not pose as several threats to the well being of hair as everlasting re-bonding. It makes use of only heat and no severe chemicals. Nevertheless, performing it on a regular basis have to be avoided.

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