Karate and Learning Diabilites

In the 80’s I was a short, skinny eight-year old. You know the type. Always picked on but never picked for the team. When I started high school, things didn’t get much better. We had just moved to central New Jersey and I was the new kid on the block with no friends. My grades dipped. My guidance counselor thought I was so weird that he measured my head. In those days, they had never heard of Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD.

Because of my disability I attended classes with no more than six students. These “special classes” helped me get through high school but I still had trouble focusing. I didn’t make the baseball team because of this. I felt I lacked something internally, even though I managed to get my driver’s license which increased my social opportunities.
Whey my family moved to South Florida in 1992, I was ready for a new life. I was able to get into a college, but was still having trouble focusing and studying. I considered a career in Occupational TherapyFinally, one day at a party, I asked someone who I knew had studied the martial arts, whether they could recommend a good school. That person recommended “Stephen’s Karate and Fitness Center” in Boca Raton.

I tried a few classes and loved it. It was a workout I had never experienced. In my teens years, I had lifted weights but found that boring. At Stephen’s Karate, I learned a unique style of mixed martial arts that combines traditional Tae Kwon Do with boxing.¬†For those who have virtually any queries about exactly where in addition to how to make use of Karate, it is possible to contact us at our own webpage.

There was also the exposure to the group dynamic that I enjoyed. As I slowly but surely moved up through the ranks, my instructor Barry Stephen asked me if I wanted to become an assistant instructor. I said yes without hesitation. At the time I was a red belt, which in our school, is halfway to black belt.

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