Possession of Medicine – Idaho Calls for an Unlawful Drug Tax Stamp

With all the debate about health care marijuana and with many metropolitan areas legalizing the possession of marijuana, you could be considering that drug laws are grow to be extra relaxed. Although California and Montana permit you possess marijuana for medicinal functions, Idaho does not and it does not seem like it will any time shortly.

I am not suggesting that possession of marijuana is a excellent idea, but I do think that the legislation ought to be reasonable and not sneaky. Sneaky That is what I believe about the Idaho Code sixty three-4203. This legislation is acknowledged as the Illegal Drug Tax Stamp Act and it necessitates that you spend taxes on all unlawful medication that you have. Now, isn’t going to that audio like a fraud: Occur on in for your drug stamp!

This is how the Act functions. If you are caught with marijuana, or any unlawful drug for that subject and you do not have your Tax Stamp, you will be penalized. As section of your fantastic, you will be topic to an excise tax.

The penalties are pretty rigid. For possession of cannabis, you will be taxed $three.fifty/gram.
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For every single plant in your possession you will be taxed $750, unless you have pulled buds off for sale and then you will be effectively credited! For other unlawful drugs, bought by weight, you will pay $two hundred/gram tax. And you think that is excessive? If you possess an unlawful drug that is not marketed by body weight, you will be slapped with a $2000/gram tax. Ironic, is not it that it just isn’t marketed by pounds but it is really taxed by excess weight?

So here is your reminder. If you are going to have medicinal marijuana, never ignore to get your Drug Stamp!

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